How to add a Fire Pit to your PaverBase Patio

It is important to note that none of the materials used to build a paver patio are fire rated. This includes any stones, walls, pavers, and Brock PaverBase. A fire pit can still be built and enjoyed with a paver patio, but special steps must be taken to insulate all materials from the heat.

Method 1: Build the fire pit first, and build the patio around it

If the patio has not been constructed yet, the best way to incorporate a fire pit is to create the pit first and build the patio around it. This will save you material costs, make it easier to clean out, and protect the patio from the heat.

If your fire pit is rectangular or square you should be able to lay your patio pavers right up to the built-in fire pit, but if it is round you may have to cut the patio pave stones to butt-up to the new fire pit, or you can fill in the gaps with fire glass or decorative rocks. These materials come in many different colors and varieties to match the design of the project. You should use a quality edge restraint around all edges to maintain the stability of the patio.

  • Tip: You can use a wet saw (left), or a masonry blade on a circular saw (right) to cut stone. If you are cutting large quantities of stone, a circular saw will produce dust that should not be inhaled, so you should use a face mask. Therefore, to cut a large amount of stone a wet saw is recommended.

Method 2: Build the fire pit on an existing patio

If the patio has already been constructed, you can build a fire pit on top of the patio. If you choose to do this, it is extremely important to insulate the patio from the heat given off by the fire. You can use all-purpose sand and rock to fill in the new fire pit. You can also add a concave, metal or ceramic disk to build your fires upon, which makes it easier to clean out after use.

  • Tip: Using sand and rock as an insulator can make the pit harder to clean. Frequent cleanings can also remove the sand and rock over time, so it is important to replace this layer to maintain the insulating properties.

Method 3: Using a portable, free-standing fire pit on an existing patio

Portable fire pits are convenient and less labor intensive to install, but you still must insulate your patio from the heat given off by the fire. You can accomplish this by incorporating a special fire pit pad. If you’re using a propane fire pit, the pad isn’t necessary because the heat is on the top surface only.

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