How to Install PaverBase in Freeze/Thaw Climates

PaverBase is made of a highly durable and insulating material called Code 5 Polypropylene. These characteristics allow PaverBase to be used in any climate – hot, cold, and especially in “freeze/thaw” regions. Polypropylene does not absorb water, so the material cannot heave, and the PaverBase panels drain water vertically and horizontally at a rate of 100 inches per hour. Proper drainage is essential so water is not held under your paving stones. If the patio base is not installed correctly and water is not directed away, the ground beneath PaverBase can heave upwards and cause damage. The 20mm PaverBase panel also provides the same thermal insulation properties as 9” of stone base.

There are a few key steps to ensure proper drainage, and a long lifetime for your patio and walkway projects in any climate.


1: Create a slight slope in the patio

Creating a slope away from your home, garage, or any foundation, will allow the water to run off and drain naturally, and prevent the ground retaining water. The proper slope should be ¼” for every 1 foot. This can be measured using wooden stakes, string, and a string line level (slope string line guide).


2: Install a long-lasting landscape weed fabric (20-30 years)

A weed fabric, also called a landscape fabric, is an essential part of the drainage system when using PaverBase panels. Despite the name, the main purpose of this fabric in paver patios is not to prevent weeds. The fabric is needed to hold the all-purpose/leveling sand in place to prevent it from washing away or migrating into the ground over time, so it can effectively drain water away from the patio. Displacement of the sand can shift pavers and prevent water from draining properly. Installing a weed fabric rated for 20-30 years of use is recommended so it doesn’t biodegrade.

3: Use the proper type and amount of all-purpose/leveling/paver sand

A paver patio or walkway should never be built with more than 1” of all-purpose sand, never use “play sand.” With Brock PaverBase, only ½” of all-purpose sand is needed. Using too much sand can cause instability and failure problems. More information on sand can be found (link to sand article)

With proper installation Brock PaverBase can be used in any climate. If you have any other questions about your project, please contact Tim Newton